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Ref Fitment Finisher Original Purchaser Last known Owner Notes Photo
MK3LW-1 TF Standard James Brice Awaiting Manufacture None MGF race car currently being fitted with a very limited edition MK3 Lightweight
MK3LW-2 ?? Standard Rob Bell Awaiting Manufacture None None
Ref Fitment Finisher Original Purchaser Last known Owner Notes Photo
MK1-1 F Standard Neil Willetts Neil Willetts The original MK1 prototype MGF with the MK1 prototype fitted
MK1-2 F Standard Rob Bell ??? Sold to someone in New Zealand, possibly Hanah Kim None
MK1-3 F Standard Daren Jackson ??? Last known on a BRG VVC F None
Ref Fitment Finisher Original Purchaser Last known Owner Notes Photo
MK2-1 F Standard Polished Charles Yarwood ??? None None
MK2-2 F Standard Polished Andrew Phillips Andrew Phillips None None
MK2-3 F 3 inch Polished Mark Lucas Mark Lucas None None
MK2-4 F Standard Polished Paul Langridge Tanya Channing None None
MK2-5 F Standard Polished M Smith ??? None None
MK2-6 F Standard Polished P Davey ??? None None
MK2-7 F 3 inch Polished F Demaret ??? None None
MK2-8 F Standard Polished Dieter Koennecke Dieter Koennecke Special number plate on underside for TUV regs None
MK2-9 F Standard Polished Christian Hersel ??? Special number plate on underside for TUV regs None
MK2-10 F Standard Polished Gareth Hampson ??? None None
MK2-11 TF 3 inch Polished Steve White Steve White None None
MK2-12 TF Standard Polished Dave Morgan ??? None None
MK2-13 F Standard Polished David Prescott ??? Was sold in August 2006 None
MK2-14 TF 3 inch Polished David Morgan Stewart Griffiths Purchased from Tony Williams MGF with the MK2 with 3 inch tailpipe finishers fitted
Ref Fitment Finisher Original Purchaser Last known Owner Notes Photo
MK3-1 F Standard Polished Neil Willetts Neil Willetts 'Polished to Oblivion' Has been specially polished all over The first MK3 which has been highly polished all over
MK3-2 TF Standard Polished Stewart Griffiths Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-3 TF Standard Polished Lee Stuart Marsden Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-4 TF Standard Polished Cedric Dewitte Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-5 F Standard Polished Marcus Picker Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-6 TF Standard Polished Martyn Wilks Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-7 TF Standard Polished Nigel Williams Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-8 TF Standard Polished Karl Lewry Karl Lewry None TT MK3-8 fitted
MK3-9 F Standard Polished Marie Johnson Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-10 TF Standard Polished Greg Triquent Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-11 F Standard Polished Luke Fisher Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-12 TF Standard Polished Lee Ashburner Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-13 TF Standard Polished Frank Ashurst Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-14 TF Standard Polished Dave Wilcox Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-15 TF Standard Polished Shaun Ford Awaiting Delivery None None
MK3-16 ?? Standard Polished Matthew Fennell Awaiting Manufacture None None
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Register of TT Exhausts
The TT F-Xtreme exhaust has been available in a few variations, and we aim to
maintain a register of all that were made.

If you know of any changes to the details or ownership, or perhaps any errors in
the register then please let us know via the contact page.

Unfortunately the only person who knew exactly how many MK1's were made
was Trevor Taylor himself, but we think it was about 15. They were only
available for F fitment, were never polished, had mild steel flanges and always
looked dull grey like race pipes.
Please use the contact page to let us know of any changes.
The MK2 was made like the MK1 but from a 6" stainless pipe. They were available for either
F or TF fitment and had 2 options for finishers, either the polished standard TT (2-1/4") or
a welded-on 3" polished tube. Only 14 of the MK2 exhausts were made.
The MK3 is the ultimate version of the F-Xtreme exhausts. Only available with the polished
standard TT (2-1/4") finisher.
MK3 Lightweight
There is a MK3 Lightweight currently under development for MGF race cars. This will be
similar to the MK3 but only having one tailpipe. There are only 2 planned to be
manufactured. Details to follow in the very near future.